venerdì 8 aprile 2016

[INFOGRAPHICS] The chain of command of the Islamic State in Libya: an operational chart.

Some of the most prominent figures of the Islamic State in Libya. Click to see our work.

During the last month Italian journalist Daniele Raineri and I worked extensively on data collection from open and private sources, in an attempt to track down the chain of command of the Islamic State in Libya (mainly Wilayah Barqah and Wilayah Tarabulus).

We started to gather data using news, research, analyses, islamist publications and SOCMINT as basic references; subsequently we compared raw data, assessing and discarding conflicting info, testing our sources, submitting our results to forces on the ground in Libya and elsewhere (from different factions).

Our first sketch of the operational chart was written in Arabic and it was thought to be reviewed and assessed by Libyan and Maghrebi observers, researchers and analysts.
You will find a copy of our first sketch in Arabic here. 

Eventually, yesterday we published an up-to-date and fully-reviewed version of our chart in English.

A preview of the chain of command of the Islamic State in Libya

As things in Libya are moving quite fast, hopefully we will keep updating our chart.
You will find in this page info and notices everytime an updating comes out.

DECEMBER 15, 2016

We published a new chart: "What remains of the Libyan Islamic State". It gives a view of the holdover network of the Libyan Islamic State after the loss of Sirte. Please note that the chart is in Arabic only, by now.

Click on the following picture to download our new chart.

The Holdover Network of the Libyan Islamic State after Sirte

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